Ehon, picture books - gifts for children can not read

If parents would like to donate books for the children's celebration, but still afraid their child not yet read, then the Ehon, Picture book would be the appropriate choice.

In about a dozen years, with the participation of the private sector into the publication, the market becomes lively book. Can your book is increasingly abundant and form a beautiful day. Choosing to donate books for children thus become easier.

Previously the only concept that we donate a book to children when the child has read. So often we'll just donate the books to the kids at least from 6-7 years means the child has the ability to read the text.

Currently, the situation was different and perceptions need to change. Children from the age of 0-10 's books is also very rich especially books in the form of ehon (picture books of Japan) and the bilingual book (picture book).

This is the category of books was the producer and the authors use the research to create the content and form of suit every age. Often they will contain simple story but hidden behind the deeply humanistic message.

Especially through the parents reading to children, the child will learn all about the native language as a second language (English). Kids can also read the same parents (the role change for each other) or read based on memory and just read just "creative work" more.

Ehon content and bilingual books are so rich, consistent with many of the age. If the child wants to explore the world colourful and hidden miracles, you can donate older books that were written in the form of the voyage of discovery as the 100-storey building, 3rd floor 100 buildings under the sea 100-storey building below the ground.

If the child wants to remember is the position in space and the name of the animal, you can select the book One in back of you?.

If want to learn self-sufficiency, you can choose to Wear it! Wear it! If the child wants to learn, explore the mysteries of the human body, you can opt for the ehon science include the book such as The trauma, the story of the nostrils, stories of feet All go on your ass, it's deflated.

In case the child is learning English, bilingual book titles are more suitable as: where is the Green sheep?, what's most important?, Parents have to be the mother of your children? or the book kiss on the hand ...

For children, books when chosen carefully, would be appropriate gifts and meaningful education. Reading help kids develop the intellect and soul in a natural way just make kids work out the ability to focus and expression in language.

The book is also a gift economy when the kids can read it read many times and may be donated back to the children or other children after having finished reading.

A home with children with rich children's bookcases full of the ehon bilingual picture books and book would be a nice house in many ways and meanings.

'All the sins in the world are variations from stealing' and hidden memories Afghanistan

The Kite Runner "is not only obsessive love, redemption or dream Afghanistan chasms. The rope through the book page by Khaled Hosseini there are hidden memory of" stealing ".

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, after 15 years of launches readers is still one of the best novel about Afghanistan with every taste.

There is charm of a land full of self-culture past peace beside tragic bombing war . Yes friendship bright, close, sacred beside sins childhood need of redemption.

there are pages that readers must vibe that shaky but also the words that those who receive such'd shout up like Amir "No. No, God, no, "in mercy, resentment, hatred.

The Kite Runner is probably not only attractive because of Khaled Hosseini told a marvelous story. Moreover, novelist Kabul drew a picture with many shades opposition, tears accompanied by laughter, sorrow and then happy.

And behind the smoke of the current Kabul remains a fantasy Afghanistan with love and hope lifted up from the kite.

Vietnamese translation of the original more than 540 pages, filled with jargon to annotate because they can not find a corresponding word, such as dishes, names or adjectives characterized Afghanistan.

But the book was not difficult to read. By contrast, susceptible urge readers to learn about Afghan culture and personalities of people born in this place.

Khaled Hosseini made the colors, creating feelings in opposition. But, through the work remains touching portrait of Khabul soul, soul Afghanistan. His soul in Baba Amir, Amir Hassan, Ali, Rahim Khan. And in both a cause obsessive philosophy "all sins are metamorphosis of stealing".

Journey of redemption "stealing" of Amir

Amir worshiped his father, a Pashtun true sense, a brilliant personality of Afghanistan. Adoration he inspires Amir must return, must meet Uncle Rahim Khan and another truth to be revealed, a crime of "stealing" another recounted in pain, frustration, tears.

Hassan and his wife were killed. Baba Amir said, the Taliban had stolen two lives, has claimed paternity, motherhood. Disgusting crime, so despicable, damned. Hassan died in the guard house, guard the memories of Amir. Hassan died in the loyalty of a friendship sacred, noble is not easy to get.

Hassan was dead before we knew the truth he is a brother of Amir, the son of Ali Baba, not his. Baba has lied, stole a right to know the truth. Main Baba was talking about stealing, but also he did not fully implement his philosophy.

Pashtun noble honor, because the shame of guilt or because something that Baba did not tell the truth. Thus the Hassan to leave only whether Amir fault, because if Baba honest truth, Hassan and Amir will be brothers. Amir whether to treat your brother like that, has become such a prig?

But, fortunately, did not blame Amir. I just remember the teachings of Baba as a gentle anger to embark on action, betrayal, redemption and sin childhood.

Amir returned to Kabul in the arduous and dangerous to the end to make it through it all he picked up his son from the hands of Assef Hassan - the enemy is also given year.

But the tragedy of "stealing" has not stopped, even if Amir and Sohrad were together in trust. Amir never forget, but he thought that if can not promise not to perform, that's a lie, a theft. True to the philosophy of Baba, "all sins are the metamorphosis of stealing".

Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse Prize for Comic Fiction 'fall' because of not amusing

For the first time in the history of 18 years, the prize for the funniest novels in England do not have files win.

According to the Telegraph, literary award jury Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse Prize for Comic Fiction for the novel by humor for announcing this year's no files would win.

The cause is among the 62 series registered for competition, not a work that made the judges laugh OK sụa. Judge David Campbell said: "The judges and I decided no award this year to ensure high standards of graphic novels that Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse Prize is the representative".

"Although the competition registration book makes the judges smile, not work that we read this year cause we have to laugh at the sụa artificial," said Campbell explains. The organizers hope the year 2019 will get much higher quality work.

Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse Prize Committee does not announce the specific list of novel competition. Some of the winning works of the previous year is Bridget's Baby Helen Fielding (year 2017), Solar by Ian McEwan (2010), Snuff by Terry Pratchett (2012) ...

Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse Prize is not the only literary prize no prize in the works this year. Earlier, the Swedish Academy announces the Nobel Prize in literature to postpone 2018 because the sexual harassment scandal of Claude Aranaut, husband of a member of the Academy, making her and 5 other members resigned.

The interesting about the record books in the world

So far, book publishing is still the media industry and the largest entertainment, reaching 151 billion US dollars, then the cinema.

Aggregated results of Global English Editing compare offers many interesting statistics about the reading culture in the world.

Defined metrics determine the "level of reading culture" is compiled from a variety of factors such as the number of libraries, books reported to the school year in schools, the number of computers that people can use ...

Thereby Global English Editing determined group of countries whose citizens have "reading culture" global leader focused primarily in Europe, the Americas and Australasia. Do not have an African or Asian country in the top 20 yet.

All the time all the seven parts of Harry Potter of the British writer J.K. Rowling lists 21 best-selling books. This list does not include in the religious mysticism of the Bible, because this kind of letters Ng for free.

In this book there are 2021 books, literature books, only one end is the only non fictional Xinhua Dictionary China ranked second, sales and sales of more than 4 million.

This best-selling book is an adult in 2015 China the color of the book.

The number of the electron density of the book sold doubled in five years, from 2013 to the present. 79,7% of the market share of digital publishing to the United States, Europe and Chinese e-book sales forecast will be through the books and papers in the past 5 years, in the United States and britain.

Since the invention of the printing press (1430, by Johannes Gutenberg, Germany) currently has about 1 million 500 thousand head of books published in different parts of the world.

So far, the publishing industry is still the total value of the world's largest media and entertainment of the estimated $15 billion 100 million in the United States, the film is second and $13 billion 300 million and $107, third newspaper.

The most expensive book in history is a book to buy print this psalm. This book is the Puritans in 1640 in Cambridge, massachusetts.

According to the product to sell 14,2 million dollars (about 322 billion) of an auction in 2013.

In the book, Senator John McCain criticized you trump

In a new book, a series of problems that Senator John McCain has strongly criticized the president Donald Trump, people from the United States, the input of false information.

According to the deadline page, restless wave book excerpt from Apple's press release, McCain tell you the current term is your last term. So, you are completely comfortable, to tell the truth about the current political climate in washington.

"This is my last term. If I don't recognize myself in this summer, the fourth stage is to convince the cancer light", he wrote, at present in the treatment of Senator McCain The brain tumor.

"I am more free colleagues will have to face the voters. I can say what I think is not afraid of the consequences. I can vote according to their conscience and not to worry about, "he stressed.

In the book, he criticized you McCain trump impetuous. "He wondered if the US government does not like government tyranny, despotism. The work is to make the game seem tough, seems to be more important value of America's "emotional.

Do you think your McCain trump says immigration is terrible, like social security or terrorist is the only reason they come to our country".

Republicans also criticized him trump using false information. "His reaction to the article is not suitable for him, that they believe that no matter whether they are false or unreliable, is a reproduction of the behavior of NH n G arbitrary to suppress freedom of the press ", he condemned.

"He threatened to kill his wife and son by the name of terrorism, noted that the barbarians will show the world the country's tough America".

The Republican Senator said he wanted the political background of the United States returned with "the goals and activities that have made the difference for the country's history". "We are citizens of a Republic was built from the general idea, conceived in a new world of alternative to the selfishness that has tortured the old world".

Mr. McCain, at age 81, the current strength at home in Arizona and occasionally to Washington DC.

Books best-seller about an Asian film up super rich

The best-seller novel "Crazy Rich Asians" talk about lavish life of world super rich wealthy Asian was adapted into a film in Hollywood.
The Trailer for the film Crazy Rich Asians The trailer for the film Crazy Rich Asians
Crazy Rich Asians is a novel by author Kevin Kwan, issued in 2013. The plot revolves around a Chinese girl Rachel, living in America, with boyfriend Nick. Both taught at New York University and know each other from then on.
Rachel doesn't know whether her boyfriend came up in a wealthy family for second place in Singapore. One day, Nick leads Rachel to Singapore launched her parents. At the time, Rachel discovered new world ' crisis ' of the lover.
The situation got bad bad laugh cry le, happen when Rachel, a popular girl, now faced with Eleanor, mother of Nick, an Honorable woman.
Eleanor always wanted his son to take a girl to the same level so she didn't accept her.
Rachel and Nick face difficult mother-in-law Eleanor in the film Crazy Rich Asians
The book describes about luxury, wealth of the 3 most powerful family in Singapore.Despite everything in hand, but they still have to face the difficulties and suffering.
Crazy Rich Asians are American critics appreciated. Recently, Warner Bros. has decided to put the story of the wealthy Asians up the big screen. Directed by Jon m. Chu of the Step Up film series is the doer.
Entertainment Weekly newspaper quoted the author Kevin Kwan said: "I am very excited when the movie became a reality with the expectations of so many fans."
Directed by Jon m. Chu said after reading the script, he knew this was his film. He confided to "the film very closely because it makes me remember of his difficulties, a Chinese living in the US and the arduous that three parents in China are experiencing".
Their love will be challenging because of Nick's demanding mother.
Trailer of the film after it was announced that has caused some controversy in Singapore. More pressing local audience when most actors are American, while the story occur in Lions.
Directed by Jon m. Chu admits choosing suitable actors is very difficult. He explained: "the actors have lived abroad and close to fully understand the new role as well as Americans in the script".
Crazy Rich Asians are expected to be released in August this year.

' Go find Momo ': good boy and laptop backpack up the road

Life would be very interesting if your side is a four-legged guy likes to play hide and seek. Explore the world in a different way the same Momo and Andrew Knapp.
Border Collie herding breed is famous. They are not only smart, loyal but also very vivacious and dynamic. Everyone who ever met Momo must recognize that it is the puppy Border Collie dynamic that they once knew.Not only that, this wily Brown eyes dog also has endless excitement with games of hide-and-seek.
Andrew Knapp, owner of Momo love with this thing. The guy used a lens to record the moments of her pet dog miết play hide and seek. Beyond 30 years, felt the energy in his interior-design work, the architect guy Andrew Knapp goes to a decision.
The other day, the young architect Andrew decided to sell the House, put the dog up line travel. Momo
Instant romantic streak guy selling houses, furniture and packaging of the same pet dog Momo began a new journey to recovery of energy and inspiration.
Andrew and Momo made a trip with a distance of up to 15,000 miles by car van Volkswagen Westfalia life 1977 gold color. Go find Momo -two picture books about Momo and fancy hide-and-seek games is a book "the diary of the journey".
Starting from his hometown of Ontario (Service), where the world famous Niagara Falls, Andrew and Momo made a "long trip North America" through 25 States and 5 provinces of the country the United States flag.
Where, Momo is also excited with the new setting, and "onstage to play hide and seek. His mission companion Andrew is holding the camera up and record the moments of that nature.
From the vast grasslands of the Ontarrio to the beautiful House on the outskirts of New York. Whether it is the car yard par ngổn tires and tools or the lush green forest canopy the Vermont ... where Momo can also find yourself a spot away.
Border Collie dog weighing 20 kg as within the large space. When flipping open each book page, your mission is to find a try Momo mischief is hiding.
Photo book hide and seek to find Momo.
Besides the natural pics and full of charismatic guy Andrew and Naughty Dog is small interesting stories are scattered throughout the long voyage.From the Central woman should strangers be ready for Momo after the garden of the House to take photos without fear of dogs bear grass, so those of you that both met on the road ... All making for each day of the journey becomes epic.
Moved house, moved home and hit the road with an open heart, with Andrew and Momo seems all the world may become you. Somewhere, there's still the strange guy willing to help Andrew photographed for Momo though have to run a few laps in the stadium at the noon.
Same owners across North America, Coachman Momo also have more opportunities to make more new friends. That is Tomas and Pablo two for Border Collie roots Argentina have the hobby of eating banana pancakes and stroll leisurely, sometimes onstage, then running in circles around the city.
The encounter on the way Rhee has always had one thing in common. One friend and then quickly rush to say goodbye. Memories may not be much, but smile and kindness is always a precious gift that we cherish.
Take a picture to my friend Momo miết female play hide and seek is no simple task with Andrew. Photography artist guy must Wade down the cold snow, climb the ridge of tissue respiratory and sometimes must Chase you, four legs to slightly by ear.
View the photos in the book, readers also are joining the game hide and seek, go search see Momo are in position in the photo.
This trip is also an interesting journey to Momo discover ourselves. Not only know the roller on the snow, like chase and jump through the puddles or MOSS bare cat, Momo is also a great swimmers, though initially has little to fear. Maturity and the dream is always associated with the risk. But when there were passionate, tough is just small talk!
We will be what when journeying to find Momo?It is not only the moments of relaxation, or a tour of North America through the photos.
Andrew Knapp and pet dog Momo tv seemed to me an endless source of energy through the lens. The trip not only to experience and explore, there is also the "mobile classroom" of life colourful.
Go find Momo is the cruise diary filled with the unexpected, exciting emotions. In it, have fun and the deposition. It looks like Andrew Knapp wants to transmit to people to move their inspiration and love the endless nature in him.
Although humans are smart to just a small entity in the bowels of mother earth. So, let's live plenty and always respect nature!

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